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In your most unforgettable times for half a century ...
Our wide range of products with fascinating fragrance combinations is now available. Forget all the unique fragrances you remember. We filled the notes of nature into specially designed bottles. We change the scent of your memories by bringing together the best quality extracts in harmony with our principle of high quality.

Established as CYGNUS, our company is taking firm steps forward to gain a permanent place in our rapidly developing country and in the world market. We met our consumers in all areas of the cosmetics industry with the TOTEX brand. Our company continues to attach great importance to exports as well as domestic investments.

Thanks to their diversity, CYGNUS perfumes cover the market to a large extent. And it offers a variety of special fragrances for every taste.

The fact that the content of perfume concentration in CYGNUS perfumes is higher than other brands, it ensures the permanence of the perfumes for a longer period of time.

Our perfumes are tested in accredited laboratories in accordance with EU Directives before offering them to the consumer with our expert and experienced team. We offer you special fragrances that we have created in cooperation with our leading fragrance designers.



Mysterious Touches
Reaching people all over the world with our slogan, being the first address with our quality products and services and taking our place among the leading brands in the global cosmetics market with our portfolio we have developed.



To bring all people together with magnificent fragrances by offering accessible products with an innovative, R&D approach and different and reliable policy.


As CYGNUS, our company, which constantly renews and develops itself by taking international standards as reference by using today's technology and universal knowledge, works in a way to instill the awareness of mutual trust and satisfaction with all our customers, suppliers and business partners by determining the risks and opportunities. While doing all these activities; We are committed to complying with legal regulations, legal regulations and customer requirements, to continuously improving the processes we carry out in line with the quality management system and health management system, to be an exemplary organization that respects the society and the environment with its cost and hygiene features to all our customers, suppliers and business partners.

"A bottle of mystery and a bottle of timelessness."

Fragrances produced from unique notes that will bring back your memories. Ready to feel excited with CYGNUS exotic creation and woody scents?



Our company, which increases our quality and standards in production every day; It continues its expertise in the sector while carrying this understanding to the international level with domestic and foreign certificates such as ISO 9001 and SGS GMP. In line with current laws and regulations, product contents are delivered to consumers by providing necessary analyzes. While continuing this service, we continue to grow and strengthen with sustainable development principles. Our quality policy always progresses in the light of continuous development and improvement in all stages according to customer expectations before and after sales.


With our experience in the production of cosmetic products, we are well aware of what we will encounter at all stages, what we should do and to what standards the products should be realized. We ensure that the substances and formula to be used in the content of the products are determined after the necessary R&D. In our wide range of products such as hair styling wax, hair spray, blow dryer, hair care serum, hair masks, shaving lotion, cream, skin cream, massage oil, shampoo, oxidant in the cosmetic field, production is carried out with the necessary quality controls at every stage of production. The products produced in our company are each the work of a completely unique work, but are constantly renewed. The goal is to provide our consumers with different cosmetic experiences in production.


With our superior technological equipment, our quality department tests the products in our laboratory environments and confirms their compliance with the requested specifications.